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We are a group of asthma researchers and physicians. Our objective with Asthmacure.com website is to reach out to asthma sufferers with the aim to provide them with actionable asthma information in a simple and effective manner. We believe that this social platform will help asthma sufferers take informed decisions to better manage their asthma. Asthmacure.com is supported by Indian Asthma Care Society, a non-profit organization in India that actively participates in various campaigns related with asthma, allergy and anti-smoking.


Dr. Virendra Singh is a physician who specializes in asthma & allergy. He currently serves as Superintendent  of S.M.S Hospital Jaipur, India and as Chief Editor of Lung India. He is recipient of  NRDC, BC Roy, National Academy of Medical Science and highest cash merit award from Government of Rajasthan.

Dr. Jaswant Goyal is a physician who specializes in asthma & allergy.

Dr. Rajesh Choudhary is a scientist who specializes in biomedical informatics and machine learning-based techniques for knowledge discovery. He has initiated and led several USA-based grant-funded research awards and studies in these domains and is a recipient of many fellowships.

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