Is Asthma related with Lifestyle Changes?

Don’t turn a blind eye towards your lifestyle changes!

Real-life Example:
Kishan Lal suffers from mild asthma since his childhood. He experiences episodes of asthma typically about 2-3 times a year. However, over last one year his asthma severity has aggravated. After consulting best doctors in the city, he starts taking asthma medications. As a result, though his asthma symptoms subside he is on a high dose of inhaled steroids.

Curious to find reasons for aggravation of his asthma in the last one year, Kishan Lal begins working with his doctor. After some self-observation, Kishan Lal realizes that last year he gained huge profits in his business and as a result he has undergone significant lifestyle changes, particularly in his eating and drinking habits. He now has fast-foods and soft drinks far more often than usual.


  • What aggravated asthma of Kishan Lal?
  • How is the problem solved?

Kishan Lal’s asthma problem is solved when he stops taking fast-foods and soft drinks. Coloring agent used in soft-drinks is a trigger that could aggravate asthma.

Expert Comments:
Despite advances in medical sciences over the years, prevalence of asthma is increasing the world over. More people are dying because of fatal asthma in recent years than in preceding decades. Asthma researchers explain this dilemma by attributing lifestyle changes as a reason for rising asthma prevalence. In an interesting study carried out in South Africa recently it was observed that asthma prevalence was quite low in rural Africa in comparison to urban areas there. Rural Africans take natural food and live a traditional life style. In contrast, people in urban areas there are fond of taking preserved and processed foods, live a modern life style and are exposed to higher environmental pollution. Subsequently in many other parts of world, similar observations were observed by researchers.

It appears that with inventions and innovations we are trying to make our lives comfortable but all this comes at a price. Higher prevalence of asthma seems like a penalty against modernization and lifestyle changes.

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3 Responses to Is Asthma related with Lifestyle Changes?

  1. jpreddy says:

    Great information by author. I feel every body must read this article. Therefore I am sharing this article through social network. Keep it up author.

  2. Asthma guy says:

    Your lifestyle can definitely impact your asthma symptoms and aggravate them. For those who don’t have asthma – there is also a greater possibility to develop it if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods and are overweight, so healthy lifestyle is once again essential.

    • Dear ‘Asthma Guy’,
      You are absolutely correct and I would like to add that healthy life style is necessary for overall health. Weight gain is associated with more severe asthma therefore asthmatic patients should avoid obesity.

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