How Sweets or Candies cause Asthma?

Sweets or candies could trigger asthma.

Real-life Example:
Eight year old Tony has asthma for last three years. His doctor helps him identify house dust mites as a trigger for his asthma. Tony now takes precautions at home against dust mites. Still, his asthma has been deteriorating for past 6 months and because of which he is high on asthma medications.

i) What could aggravate Tony’s asthma?
ii) How is the problem solved?

One day Tony’s aunt comes to his house. She notices him enjoy eating sweets and candies. She then remembers that her asthma gets aggravated whenever she has sweets. On her suggestion, Tony quits sweets and candies. His asthma improves.

Tony is allergic to the coloring agents used in sweets and candies.

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