Asthma medicine – Inhalation devices

-> If you are asthmatic, you should be on asthma medicine inhalation treatment.

Why is asthma medicine “inhalation” treatment superior?

The best way to take asthma medicine is to inhale it. Delivering the medicine right where it is required (lungs) has obvious advantages:

  • The medicine produces its beneficial action very quickly. Inhalation of a bronchodilator (reliever) medicine provides asthma relief almost immediately.
  • The quantity of medicine required is very small. Therefore, side-effects are few. For example, salbutamol tablets contain 20 to 40 times the drug contained in one puff of a metered dose inhaler. Salbutamol tablets are well known to cause palpitations and trembling of hands…inhalation does not.

What are the various devices available for giving asthma medicine by inhalation?

Most of the medicines used in the treatment of asthma can be taken by inhalation. There are several types of devices to deliver these medicines by inhalation. Each inhalation device has certain advantages and it is usually possible to select one of these inhalation devices to administer the medicine in patients of any age. Thus, from infancy to the elderly, it is possible to give asthma medicine by inhalation.

Some of the commonly used inhalation devices are:

  • Metered dose inhaler
  • Spacer
  • Dry powder systems
  • Nebulizers
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