Budecort Respules

Company: Cipla Ltd.

Generic Drug: Budesonide.

Indication: Budecort respules is useful in prophylactic and maintenance therapy of asthma in children 12 months to 8 years of age. Also indicated in infants/ children with acute laryngotracheobronchitis – croup.

Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to preparation. Budesonide is also contraindicated in status asthmaticus and acute attack of asthma.

Dosage & Administration: Available as suspension for inhalation through nebulizer.

Special Precautions:

  • Not for acute attacks, it is for long term management.
  • To be used cautiously in case of concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis.

Side effects/ Undesired effects/ Adverse drug reactions: Fungal infection in mouth & throat (candidiasis), systemic steroid effects on higher doses, mood changes, hyperglycemia, pituitary adrenal suppression, smell & taste disturbances.

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11 Responses to Budecort Respules

  1. Lokesh deegwal says:

    hi mein lokesh kumar me apni mummy ke baare mein kuch puchna chatha ho meri mom ko asthma hai 30yrs se vo merex cupsul & deksona tab le rahi thi 1yr ho gaya hai meine durter se chekup karaya hai ab vo phehele se thik hai medisans change kar di ha par vo kafi vik ho gai hai bauht saari bat karni par kese karo apse kuch puchna bhi tha kay mein aap logo se bat kar sakta ho plz plz plz………?

    • RC says:


      Can you please use ‘Ask a question’ link on top of this page for your question…thanks?

    • Dear Lokesh,
      Your mother is taking Tablet Dexona for last one year, it contains steroid. Oral steroids are harmful if taken for long duration, so kindly switch to inhaled preparation after consulting your treating doctor.

  2. Dr diagnosis asthama to my son coz of 3 severe attacks of breathing within one n half month but before attacks he usually have cold.Now Dr is giving him budecort respules 0.5mg and asthalin respules 2.5ml through nebulizer and Dr says when he will cure,he will start his 1year treatment with budecortpuf 100 n asthalinpuf 3 times for 30 secs through pufkit.My son is 19 month old.My qustion is he really has asthama and any side-effects of these medicines.

    • Dear Namita,
      At the age of 19 months, making a diagnosis of asthma is difficult. For this respiratory condition you should continue the treatment under supervision of your doctor. Keep a continuous eye on problem as he/she grow up.

  3. surender sharma says:

    sir, mere ko birth se hi asthma hai pahle inhelor lete tha (ventorlin) lekin ab vo kam karna band kar chuka hai plz plz plz mere ko koi madician batao kyoni ab 2 ya 3 din me mujhe asthma atack hone laga hai ,humari family me mostly sabhiko hai meri bua ko tha unki datha ho chuki hai unki beti ko tha unki bhi dath ho chuki hai mere grand father ko tah wo bhi ja chuke hai ,ab mujhe or meri sis to bhuat jada please koi sujhaw dijia please.

    • Dear Surendra,
      Your history suggested that you are suffering from severe asthma. Ventorlin is inadequate to control it. You should be on controller medicines of asthma. The type and dosing of controller medicines should be reviewed by your treating chest physician.

  4. deepak says:

    my wife is 42year old . in our family no one is having asthma . in the month of may2011 asthma problem started to my wife due to house was under painting . our docter strated budecort 1 mg along with levolin .63 . but till today after 8 months she is not comfortabel . we have to nabulize her after every 10days . can u help me for permanent cure.
    throat alergy starts from any smoke.
    we r using arecort puff. { sos }
    anty alergy tablet revoset -m { one tablet at night }
    melzap.25 { one tablet at night }
    budecort 1mg { once in 10days along with levolin.63 }

    • Dear Deepak,
      Asthma can menifest in different forms. Probably your wife’s asthma was triggered by paint. Once triggered, its tendency could persist for a long period. Hence inhaled steroid should be taken for long duration. Please consult a chest physician regularly.

  5. S.Krishna Prasad says:

    Sir, I am an asthama patient from my child birth. Last year Feb, 2011, I have joined Care hospital with asthma stroke. Now I am taking budecort respules and duolin respules as per the physician advise, but I have developed severe joint and muscle pain in the arm. I request you to advice me in this regard.

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