Betnovate Cream / Ointment

Company: GaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Generic Drug: Betamethasone valerate.

Indication: Betnovate is useful for many skin problems, such as eczema (including atopic, infantile and discoid eczemas), psoriasis (excluding widespread plaque psoriasis), dermatitis, neurodermatoses (including lichen simplex, lichen planus) and contact sensitivity reactions. It is also useful as adjuvant therapy with systemic steroids in generalized erythroderma, insect bite reactions and prickly heat.


  • Hypersensitivity to preparation.
  • Children under 1 year of age.
  • Viral infections, such as herpes, cold sores & chicken pox.
  • Fungal infections, such as ringworm.
  • Bacterial infections, such as impetigo.

Dosage & Administration: Available as ointment for topical application.

Special Precautions: To be used cautiously in lactation and pregnancy.

Side effects / Undesired effects / Adverse drug reactions: Burning, itching, increased hair growth and changes in skin color at application area.

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