Becoride Inhaler / Becoride Forte

Company: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Generic Drug: Beclomethasone Dipropionate.

Indication: First line therapy for chronic asthma and prophylaxis of severe asthma. Recommended for asthma treatment on long term basis to replace systemic steroid therapy. In children asthma control can be achieved without growth retardation.

Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to preparation.

Dosage & Administration: Available as inhaler. Adult: Can be use by Zerostat inhaler device. Children: Can be use by Baby mask device.

Special Precautions:

  • Not for acute attacks, it is for long term management.
  • To be used cautiously in case of concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Cautious use in case of lactation & pregnancy.

Side effects/ Undesired effects/ Adverse drug reactions: Fungal infection in mouth & throat (candidiasis), systemic steroid effects on higher doses, mood changes, hyperglycemia, pituitary adrenal suppression, smell and taste disturbances.

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2 Responses to Becoride Inhaler / Becoride Forte

  1. Jagdish N Pandya says:

    Dear Sir
    The Becoride Forte is not available any where in Mumbai. Is there any substitute? If so will you kindly let me know and oblige.

    Thanks & Regards

    J.N. Pandya

  2. Dear Jagdish,
    Here are few medicines which contains similar salt (beclomethasone) as becoride forte:
    Beclate inhaler, Bevent forte inhaler, Qvar and Beclovent
    Kindly consult your treating doctor before switch to any of these medications.

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