Lung / Pulmonary Function Tests

What are lung / pulmonary function tests?
There are several types of lung or pulmonary function tests. Some are available only in large hospitals or research centers. The most informative and clinically useful tests are spirometry and peak expiratory flow measurements. The peak expiratory flow rate measurements are used for home monitoring of asthma. Spirometry is the test usually performed in a doctor’s chamber or in a hospital. Spirometry can be done using a spirometer while peak expiratory flow rate can be measured using a peak flow meter.

Why are lung / pulmonary function tests necessary?
Pulmonary function testing is to bronchial asthma what blood sugar measurement is to diabetes or blood pressure measurement is to hypertension. These tests measure the degree of the severity of disease accurately. Most patients are not able to judge the severity of their disease with precision; in fact, they often underestimate the disease. The result is inadequate treatment and inadequate control of the disease.

It may come as a surprise to you but even your physician cannot always estimate the severity of asthma. Chest examination using a stethoscope is notoriously unreliable. Therefore, an objective and reliable method of assessment of the severity of asthma is necessary. This is accomplished by pulmonary function test.

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4 Responses to Lung / Pulmonary Function Tests

  1. hema says:

    pls send about continuous sneezing problem

  2. Dear Hema,
    The most common cause of continuous sneezing is allergy to hot or cold weather, dust, pollen, pollution, animals or any other allergens. If it occurs in early morning then cold may be the reason. If it happens when you visit to dusty place or just after cleaning your home then dust allergy might be the cause of this problem. Anti allergic medications and nasal spray may be helpful, but keeping distance from allergen will certainly improve your condition.

  3. Haralal Halder says:

    I am a cough & cold paitent for 15 years but in the year 2008 began to start breath problem . I went to CMC vellore , they gave me alergy inhaler as may medicine and Asthalin 100 mcg as emergency use for six months. But I start homeopathy treatment after six months and left inhaler. Very recently I attacked sugar patients and fasting was 123 and PP(B.Sugar ) was 130. and after walking now fasting sugar is 107. But as a result of walking I am suffering acute breathing problem and Homeopathy now is not solving the breathing problem. I am also taking Asthalin 100 mcg at the time severe breathing problem. Please suggest me.

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