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Lung / Pulmonary Function Tests

What are lung / pulmonary function tests? There are several types of lung or pulmonary function tests. Some are available only in large hospitals or research centers. The most informative and clinically useful tests are spirometry and peak expiratory flow … Continue reading

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What is Asthma? Bronchial Asthma Information: a gradual introduction

What are alternative names of bronchial asthma? Asma, Astma, Asthma, Status asthmaticus, Intrinsic asthma, Bronchial asthma, Exercise induced asthma, Allergic asthma, Nocturnal asthma. History of asthma History of asthma dates back to thousands of years when the symptoms of asthma … Continue reading

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Asthma Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment

Asthma Severity Classification Based on National Heart Blood and Lung Institute guidelines, asthma is classified into four categories depending on how severe asthma symptoms are in patients and what the degree of functional disability is in them; such features may … Continue reading

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Asthma Attack Warning Signs – do you know yours?

Prevention of acute asthma attack is a major goal of treatment. An acute asthma attack usually causes extreme agony and misery to the patient. Remember, a severe asthma attack may be fatal. Therefore, it is important to recognize early signs … Continue reading

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