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We have developed this website for asthma sufferers, their family members and friends with the aim to provide them information on asthma in a simple, ‘jargon-free’ language. Language that is easy to comprehend and understand. We sincerely hope that knowledge you gain here on asthma in conjunction with your physician’s advice can help you effectively control the disease and live a normal healthy life.

We will try to bring you the latest news and views from the world of asthma. We will also try to invite asthma specialists on this forum from time to time to interact with you and answer any queries that you might have on the subject.

Let’s socialize on Asthma and try to defeat it by taking informed decisions! We encourage you all to participate here with your comments and questions. Let’s create a vibrant online asthma support community for anyone affected with asthma.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this website is purely informational in nature and views given by us and other users should not be construed as your specific personal medical advice. You should not infer or assume that information posted about a particular topic on this website necessarily applies to you. Please always refer to your physician for expert advice on the subject. Nothing contained on this website is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. This website does not replace the relationship you have with your healthcare provider. Please also be aware that although we try to provide you accurate information, it may not be possible for us to guarantee the accuracy of the website content. Asthmacure.com is not responsible or liable if posted messages are inaccurate or incomplete. Please consult your physician to evaluate the information you receive on this website before putting it to use.

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